Council Documentation

Aims and Objectives – (Adopted May 2023)

Financial Regulations – (Revised and Adopted May 2023)

Risk Assessment front sheets – (adopted May 2023) The Town Council’s Risk Assessment is adopted annually, but due to the fact that it is a substantial document, it is not uploaded to the website; however, it can be inspected at the office by appointment.

Standing Orders – (Revised and Adopted May 2023)

Publication Scheme – (Re-adopted for council term 2023-2027)

Complaints Procedure

Code of Conduct (Revised & Adopted May 2022 and continues to be in place until amended)

Terms of Reference – click to view the Terms of References for each Committee

Town Council Budget & Precept – Click to view the budget & precept information

Town Council Policies – Click to view the Town Council Policies

Annual Reports – click to view the Annual Reports

Annual Returns – click to view the Annual Returns