East Riding Services

Bus Journey Planner – There are many changes with bus services in the Bridlington area that are affecting peoples travel plans but there is a way to check your journey and see timetables in advance as the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has a local journey planner on their website.

Electric Car Charging – Information about where you can charge your electric car, how to charge it, the cost of charging, how to report problems with charging and financial incentives to buy an electric car.

Planning Applications – Due to changes in planning there is now no legal requirement to inform neighbouring properties of planning applications other than the placement of a site notice. However, there is a way that you can register to be notified automatically of any new planning applications that have been received by the ERYC that may affect you. The process will involve you registering on the ERYC Public Access system  https://newplanningaccess.eastriding.gov.uk/newplanningaccess/ when you register you will be sent an activation email to confirm the registration. 

Dog Fouling – Unfortunately some people are taking advantage of the current lockdown situation to not pick up their dog mess – the rules haven’t changed if your dog fouls you pick it up or be fined. Report incidents to the ERYC by simply paying attention to details so that you can relay the information so that they can be issued with a fixed penalty notice. Descriptions of the person, where they live and the dog can ensure that they are reprimanded. 

Fly Tipping – ERYC are seeing a rise in Fly tipping. Always follow the SCRAP Code to check the person is genuine – and won’t just dump your waste by the roadside. Residents are being asked to keep at home any waste they would normally take to a recycling site until the coronavirus lockdown is over. The ERYC will continue to investigate all fly-tipping incidents and residents are asked to continue reporting them to the ERYC.

YORSwitch – YORSwitch offer schemes for households, community buildings and businesses using electricity, gas or heating oil.  YORSwitch does not guarantee to save participants money, it simply offers a hassle-free, no-obligation method to find out if you could be paying less.  The benefit of your offer is that it gives you peace of mind that you are not paying too much for your energy.