Gasworx Skate Park

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As the Gasworx is an open, unsuperivised facility. We encourage younger park users to avoid the facility at busy times, to be accompanied by an adult and all users to ride within their own ability and wear appropriate safety equipment.

For more information  email or call 01262 409006

Skate Park Coordinator: Kay Wardle

Kay is an experienced skate park manager and has a career history covering both project management and youth engagement.

Kay explained: “I have a contract to manage the security and maintenance of the Skate Park, tackle issues such as anti-social behaviour, engage with young people in a positive way, and raise the profile of the Skate Park as a high-class sports facility. If you would like to get involved with upcoming events or have any thoughts, comments, or concerns regarding the Gasworx, please get in touch.”

Kay Wardle

2017 Skate Jam

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Where to find the Skate Park

Kay Wardle    /    Phone: (01262) 409006    /    Email:

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