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Defibrillator Locations in Bridlington:  as at January 2020

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) keep track of when CPADs are activated, within 24 hours the various guardians are advised and the CPADS will be switched back showing “available for activation” on the system.  There is a map to show the latest CPADS that are registered with the YAS here is the

LINK - (you may need to cut and paste into another page to view)

The information on the map will change on a monthly basis as the map is updated with the latest registrations.

When YAS are called in an emergency via 999, the call is triaged, and if a defibrillator is required, either as a precaution or for a cardiac arrest, our call system automatically will search for the nearest defibrillator available, they will then be asked to collect it if there is someone besides the caller available to go.  The YAS would never send the caller for the defibrillator as they are the call handlers “eyes and ears” giving them an update on the patient.  If any on the map are unavailable at any point it will find the nearest one to that providing they are within a 600 metre radius of the CPAD.

There are also We do also have “static” defibrillators registered with us – these are only available when premises are open and if you are within a 200 metre radius of where the defibrillator is.  The list of the ones in Bridlington as at January 2020 is below: